City/Town of License: Yarmouth, Maine 04096.

Broadcast market(s): Portland & Lewiston-Auburn, Maine.


Effective Radiated Power: 1,000 watts, under FCC Class A

Educational / Non-Commercial License.


Transmitter Location: Cousins Island in Yarmouth. The tower is a guyed, twelve-section Rohn 25G; and the antenna is a 2-Bay Omni-Directional Axial Element, manufactured in Bridgeton, Maine, by Shively Labs. Eternal thanks to the selfless generosity of our FCC Consultant, Peter Russell, and to Bob Surette and the crew at Shively for their super-critical initial support of our vision, and their continued encouragement over the years.


Coverage: Depending on the receiver used, WYAR can be heard from Auburn on the north and Arundel to the south, northeast to Woolwich and Harpswell, and inland (to the west) to Windham and Gorham. Terrain and weather conditions are factors in the coverage. All FM radio stations, including WYAR, have improved reception on higher ground and on cold, winter mornings.


WYAR uses a horizontally polarized broadcast antenna, which means, generally, that reception is better on a standard receiver than on a car radio (it’s the receiving antenna orientation that makes the most difference: reception should be improved by orienting the antenna sideways rather than straight up and down). WYAR plans a future capital campaign for tower upgrades, including additional altitude and the addition of circular polarization to better reach both the home and the mobile audience.


Broadcast Automation System: When not “live on-air” from the manual console, WYAR relies on the automation software Studio Standard and Studio Playlist Creator, from Station Playlist, LTD, out of New Zealand. We can’t say enough good things about their unbeatable price-performance ratio and customer support. They once returned an emergency message at 4:00AM (New Zealand time) on Easter Sunday!


As with all radio broadcasting in the US, WYAR is licensed and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. Among other things, they require that we post on our website certain forms, legal references, and public information, including:

Equal Employment Opportunity Program Report (Pg 1)

Equal Employment Opportunity Program Report (Pg 2)

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement—01 Dec 2013


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