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The Storm Damage Report: Thank you for your support!

WYAR-FM resumed broadcasting, although at reduced power of about 160 watts because there is still equipment repair to be finished, on 05 November. The response to our APB for financial support to deal with the emergency has been nothing short of breathtaking: we publicized a goal of $8000—and by mid-November had raised just over $12,000!! This response is encouraging, and in a way humbling: that so many members of the community were willing to dig so deeply to help out when our very existence was threatened reinforces our commitment to doing whatever it takes to maintain and grow Gary King’s legacy. Stay tuned!

 Gary D. King; (1934-2019)

     The Heritage Radio Society family mourns the passing of our founder, Gary D. King, on 28 August 2019, from complications of advanced Parkinson’s Disease. Gary built WYAR-FM in the basement of his home in Yarmouth after retiring from a long career in local broadcasting. Management of WYAR-FM has passed to a transition team and plan to which Gary himself contributed much over the course of the last several years, with the intention that WYAR-FM should continue in his vision as to what he called “The most important thing that I have done in my career.”

Please note that station email and telephone contact numbers have both changed effective October 2019

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